Possible Courses of Action

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In which Caro deals with street harassment…



Special thanks to Caroline H, Rho.

As seen on Autostraddle.



Hey y’all,

When I drew this comic with my friend Caro who had recently experienced street harassment, it was really important to her that we copy the exact look of the guy that harassed her. She described him as a “black man with a shaved head in a nice car.” So that’s what I drew. And it was cathartic for her.

When the comic ran, it was pointed out by some of my readers that I was perpetuating stereotypes by having a “scary black man” harassing an “innocent white girl.” This was only made worse by having a panel with a cop that says “trust authority” as a way of dealing with street harassment. At the time I didn’t realize how that could be misinterpreted.  And that’s my bad.  I acknowledge that black and white Americans have very different experiences with law enforcement. As a white person, I’ll never experience the violence and racism that black americans experience in the hands of law enforcement. But I *can* be a better ally by not perpetuating stereotypes and I can be more aware of my racial blindspots. So thank you to everyone who pointed this out to me. I’m not going to make any changes to the comic because sometimes artists make mistakes. What I will do is learn from this and be better in the future!

– Megan